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Galvanized sheet ducts for air conditioning frame union (with insulated interior)

Galvanized sheet metal ducts for air conditioning

With thicknesses of 0.6mm, 0,8mm, 1mm y 1.2mm según UNE-EN-1366-9-2008 y UNE-EN-1505, internally insulated with 10mm elastomeric foam insulation.

Air conditioning ducts are manufactured with galvanized sheet, which is stronger and lighter than galvanized steel and more resistant to corrosion. The interior of the ducts can be insulated to improve energy efficiency, but are rarely isolated in residential facilities. Insulation can make ductwork difficult and increase installation costs.

All rectangular ducts are supplied with union type MARCO.

(*) Measurement standards are according to ANFACA National Association of Duct Manufacturers. you can download it here.
Attention: All products in this category and subcategories are for air conditioning and contain interior insulation.
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URGENT/EXPRESS manufacturing in 48/72 hours for orders placed before 08:00 and up to 50m2. We have been manufacturers of galvanized sheet metal pipes for 20 years