Manufacture of custom-made galvanized sheet metal ducts from 1997
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Our history

Conductive Low Field, is a company dedicated to the manufacture, supply and assembly of ducts for air conditioning installations, Ventilation, Heating, Refrigeration and thermal insulation.

It was founded in 1997 by Ivan Ruiz Vicente and his brother Erik, after beginning with his father Vicente Ruiz, in assembly of ducts in the car parks of the buildings of the Olympic Village in Barcelona 1992.

After working at Anisa, assembling ducts through several countries in nuclear power plants end up moving to L'Hospitalet de L'Infant (Tarragona), starting to work with air conditioning or ventilation installers in the province, as well as with constructors, the petrochemical industry and nuclear power plants .

In those days they began to build the different buildings and attractions of the Port Aventura recreational park, opening a new job market.

We set up our own manufacturing workshop, to have more speed and flexibility when carrying out air conditioning and ventilation installations, In addition to expanding our market by supplying freelancers and small installers.


from our beginnings, until these days, our growth has been continued:
We have installed a new larger and better communicated workshop in the Pol. Ind. "Les Tápies" from L'Hospitalet de L'Infant, that allows us to manufacture more and better. We have diversified our catalog of products and services and reached agreements with other duct manufacturers ( stainless steel sheet, Aluminum sheet) to make installations that require watertightness, for the transport of solid materials such as chips, dust etc..

Now we have put into service sample online store, since in our sector the large manufacturers have a very long delivery time and we are going to provide a custom manufacturing service, and almost immediately (48/72 hours), facilitating that they can finish their air conditioning and ventilation installations on time.

We know from experience that the inlets to the fans or air conditioners delay the completion of the air conditioning and ventilation installations, with consequent damage to all involved.

The team

Erik Ruiz

Administration / Shopping

Ivan Ruiz

Design / Technician

Do you have a project underway?

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